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Invitation to Local Competitive Bid –no. – BIB/002/2019 

  1. Bunna International Bank S.C. (BIB) invites all interested and eligible bidders to participate on the bid for the supply of under listed.
  Description  of Item Bid Closing  Date Bid  Opening  Date
1.1 Desktop computers  











August  15, 2019


Morning  at  10:00AM













August  15,2019


Morning  at  10:20AM

1.2 Passbook printers
1.3 Multi-functional printers
1.4 Dot matrix printers (Ticket printers)
1.5 Switches
1.6 UTP cables
1.7 Trunk/conduits 19x39cm
1.8 Trunk/conduits 22x59cm
1.9 Rack cabinets
1.10 Patch panels
1.11 RJ-45 connectors
1.12 Patch cord cables 50cm
1.13 Patch cord cables 3 meters
1.14 Patch cord cables 5 meters
1.15 Surge Arrests
1.16 Wall outlets single
1.17 Wall outlets Double
1.18 Eage Routers
1.19 Laptops core i5
1.20 printers
1.21 Heavy duty printers
1.22 UPS
1.23 Scanners
1.24 Automatic voltage regulators/stabilizers/
1.25 Network cable crimpers
1.26 Heavy duty photocopy machines
1.27 Blowers
1.28 Photocopy machine
1.29 Etc…
2 Lot 2                                               Office equipment
  Description  of  Items Bid Closing  Date Bid Opening  Date
2.1 Tellers Note counting machines  

August  15, 2019


Morning  at 10:00AM


August  15, 2019


Morning  at 11:00AM

2.2 Multi-currency detectors
2.3 Heavy duty Note counting machines
2.4 Etc…
3 Lot 3                                                Other office equipment
  Description  of  Items Bid Closing  Date Bid Opening  Date
3.1 Water Dispenser  



August 22,2019

Morning at 10:00AM




August 22,2019

Morning at 10:20AM

3.2 Telephone Apparatus
3.3 Chief & Secretary telephone
3.4 Wireless telephone
3.5 Maintenance tool kit
3.6 SS”TV wall mount accessories
3.7 Forex beuro display board
3.8 Fire extinguisher co2 5kg
3.9 Metal detector
3.10 Tool box
3.11 Air conditioner Etc…
4 Lot 4                                                            Generators
  Description  of  Items Bid Closing  Date Bid Opening  Date
  Generators August 22,2019

Morning at 10:00AM

August 22,2019

Morning at 11:00AM

2.  A complete set of bidding documents for the above items shall be obtained from the office of Property & Facility Management Directorate located at BIB’s Head Office, DABER Building 5th floor (near Berhanena Selam Printing Press) Arat Kilo upon payment of non-refundable fee of birr 200.00 (two Hundred birr only) for each lots starting from July 22, 2019 to -August 15, 2019 4:00 AM for Lot 1 and Lot 2 and to August 22, 2019 4:00AM for Lot 3 and Lot 4 during office hours

3.  Bid should be accompanied by an unconditional bid security amount stated in the bid documents in the form of Bank guarantee or CPO from recognized financial institutions.

4.  Bid Opening shall be held in the Presence of bidders and /or their legal representatives who wish to attend .

5. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids fully or partially at its own discretion.      

                  Bunna International Bank S.C.

“Bank of the visionaries”

Tel: 011-158-08-69/65