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ለክፍት የሥራ ቦታ የተመዘገባች በሙሉ

ታህሳስ 02 ቀን 2011 ዓ.ም

ባንካችን ሰልጣኝ ባንከር እና ጀማሪ መሐንዲስ ለመቅጠር ባወጣው ማስታወቂያ መሠረት ለሠልጣኝ ባንከር የተመዘገባች በአካውንቲንግ፣ በአካውንቲንግና ፋይናንስ፣ በባንኪንግና ፋይናንስ፣ በማኔጅመንት ወይም በኢኮኖሚክስ ተመርቃችሁ አጠቃላይ የመመረቂያ ነጥባችሁ 3.20 እና ከዚያ በላይ የሆነ፤

ለጀማሪ መሐንዲስ በሲቪል ኢንጂነሪንግ ወይም በኮንስትራክሽን ቴክኖሎጂና ማኔጅመንት የትምህርት ዘርፍ ተመርቃችሁ አጠቃላይ የመመረቂያ ነጥባችሁ 3.20 እና ከዚያ በላይ የሆነ ለፈተና እንድትቀርቡ እንዲሁም የመፈተኛ ቦታና ጊዜን በባንኩ ማስታወቂያ ሰሌዳ ላይ እንድትመለከቱ ህዳር 26 ቀን 2011 ዓ.ም እና ህዳር 30 ቀን 2011 ዓ.ም በወጣው ሪፖርተር ጋዜጣ ላይ ማስታወቃችን ይታወሳል፡፡

ስለዚህ ለሠልጣኝ ባንከር የተመረጣችሁ የፈተና ቦታ በአዲስ አበባ ዩኒቨርስቲ በተፈጥሮ ሳይንስ ኮምፒዩቴሽናል ጥናት ኮሌጅ  (4 ኪሎ ዩኒቨርስቲ ግቢ)፤ ለጀማሪ መሐንዲስ የተመረጣችሁ ደግሞ በዳግማዊ ሚኒሊክ መሰናዶ ት/ቤት ግቢ ታህሳስ 06 ቀን 2011 ዓ.ም ከጠዋቱ 2፡00 ጀምሮ እንድትገኙና የጽሑፍ ፈተና እንድትወስዱ እያሳሰብን፤ መታወቂያ ያልያዘ ለፈተና የማይቀመጥ መሆኑን በጥብቅ እናሳስባለን፡፡

ቡና ኢንተርናሽናል ባንክ አ.ማ

የባለራዕዮች ባንክ



 Vacancy No. BIB/227/2018

 December 09, 2018

Job Description:

Bunna is a fast growing bank which believes in professionalism & meritocracy. It also possesses attractive pay structure and wide career opportunity.

BIB now invites qualified and energetic candidates for the following positions.

  1. Customer Service Officer – II

First Degree in Accounting /Finance/ Banking and Finance/ Management/ Economics/related fields with 3 years of banking experience.
Required No.: 2
Duty Station.:  Gode (1) & Humera (1)

  1. Customer Service Officer – I 

First Degree in Accounting /Finance/ Banking and Finance/ Management/ Economics/related fields with 1 years banking experience.
Required No.: 6
Duty Station.:  Gode, Humera, Gambella, Jimma, Korem, Sebeta

  1. Store Keeper 

First Degree in Supplies Management/Purchasing/ Accounting/ Finance/ Management/ Banking & Finance/ related fields with 2 years of relevant experience.
Required No.: 1
Duty Station.:  Addis Ababa

Dead line.:  5 working days

How to Apply:

Interested and qualified applicants are invited to submit their non-returnable application, CV and copies of testimonials with original documents until December 15 , 2018 to Bunna International Bank S.C. Head Office, Human Resource & Facility Management Directorate located in Arat Killo area DABIR Building near Berhanina Selam Printing Press

For further information please visit our website
Tel: 011 158-08-61/62
Fax: 011-158-08-76
P.O.Box: 1743 code 1110


  • Terms of employment: Permanent
  • Basic computer skills are mandatory for all jobs.
  • Student copy & update work experience credentials must be attached
  • Only highly qualified & short listed candidates will be contacted.
  • Job title & place of work applied for should be stated.

E-mail with BIBAPPLY@BUNNABANKSC.COM Tel: 011-158-08-61/67 for any inquiry you have, please contact us at

Bank Of Visionarie’s - Bunna international Bank s.c